Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cow's End

I actually got to have lunch with husband today. WITH NO KID.  It was short, but very, very sweet.  We are both working in the South bay area, so I decided to make the effort and drive over to have lunch with him in Venice. We went to place called the Cows End Cafe. Here's the rundown...

Location: venice...right near da beach.
Parking: iffy

Menu: limited--mostly a coffee shop, although they had some delish looking smoothies and milkshakes on the menu which I couldn't bring myself to try today.

Food: for what it is, Cows End does pretty good on the food.  The sandwiches reminded me a lot of the what you get for lunch in Italy. Simple paninis on really good bread.  Plus they make Itlaian sodas there...Steve had a vanilla one which was super tasty.  An italian soda is just fizzy water with flavored syrup, for those not in the know.  I had a chai tea latte (my fave) that was average to good.

Service: Its counter service, but I must say, they counter dude was particularly nice and cool.  Not at all like the douchey beach dudes that usually work the counters at places like this.

Price: reasonable for the area. $8 for a sandwich with a little side salad. not grat, but not bad either.

Keep in mind: its cash only, but theres an ATM. They have a super cute upstairs "study louge" with WIFI and cozy places to sit. They also have outdoor seating, which on warmer days would have been spectacular.

Could we have eaten here with Rider in tow? Really, its a pretty tiny little place so that makes me think it wouldn't be too much fun.  But there was definitely food he could eat on the menu and its proximity to the beach might make it a great stop before or after a beach day.

Maybe Steve and I can make this a regular tuesday lunch date...I'm dying to try Miss Lizzy's Southern Food cafe in  Westchester....

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